Garment Design : Technology takes over as designs come alive Research and technological brain behind all its projects, combined with the experienced skills of the professionals, has made reliability a trademark of Raja Impex.

Knitting : Appealing embroidery accentuates the fabric Enchanting patterns flower as the embroidery designs are created using the latest in CAD systems. Enriching themselves from various sources, the staff is careful to keep a tab on the times.
Inventory : The in house inventories of almost all types of yarns, all types basic knitted patterns fabrics, and a huge range of garments accessories all enhance the working skills, the sourcing arm of the company is very strong to make available best & the latest
Showroom : The best creations are always displayed in the showroom to make our customers aware what qualities can be made at our factory by our replica watches skilled staff, also the latest trends & forecast of yarns, fabrics, colors trends and garments designs are all displayed